School Fees

St Joseph Public School Pattanakad

The School is purely a self – supporting institution. It does not receive any financial or grant from any agency. Tuition fee would be charged for 12 months of the year. The management solicits the whole hearted co-operation of parents for the prompt and systematic payment of fees so that the school functions smoothly. The special fee is collected in three installments – June, September and January and tuition fees, in monthly installments. There will be no other fee collection, for example examination fee, annual day fee etc. during the year.

The payment of both special fees and monthly fees are to be made on or before the month. April, May fees will be collected along with that of March. The monthly fees should be paid before 10th of every month. The defaulters should pay a fine of Rs. 10 from 10th to 20th, Rs. 20 from 20th to 30th and should pay Rs. 50/- after the month. The defaulters will not be given attendance. This may lead to the removal of the student from the roll for continuous absence as per rules and he/she will not be readmitted without the special permission of the Principal, paying a readmission fee of Rs. 500/- The parents are encouraged to remit the whole year’s fees together in the beginning of the academic year itself.

Fees structure for the year 2022-23

Class Tuition Fee Smart Lab Fee Computer Fee , ERP & communication portal fee
Nursery 1090 120 - 50
I - IV 1270 120 - 60 + 50
V - VII 1410 120 - 70 + 50
VIII 1450 120 - 70 + 50
IX & X 1470 120 80 100 + 50
XII 1840 120 Bio - 250
Com- 120

Special Fees

Classes June September January
LKG 1000 750 750
UKG 1000 750 750
I - VII 1000 750 750
VIII - X 1000 750 750
XII 1000 750 750