Discipline is the backbone of every development. It helps us to develop the self-control which is the essence of a well – ordered and successful life. So you are required to conform to certain regulations aimed at the growth of the entire school, and more so, of the individuals them selves.


Teachers shall perform the desired services for the School in an honest and diligent manner in accordance with the written/ oral instructions or the job details and work schedule outlined from time to time by the Principal/Managing Director of the school.


Teachers shall not engage in any business trade or private work like tuition that will distract from the efficient performance in discharging the desired service of the School.


That the Teachers will not normally or on any pretext absent himself/herself from his/her duties without having obtained necessary permission from the Principal/Managing Director. In case of sickness or other inevitable causes he/she shall forward a proper medical certificate or an application for casual leave explaining the extra ordinary circumstances to the Principal/ Managing Director.


After confirmation, your services can be terminated by the management of the school by giving one month notice or one month pay in lieu thereof. Similarly, in case you wish to leave the service at any stage, you will also be required to give one month notice, failing which, the amount equivalent to one month pay will be recovered from you in appropriate way.


Your leave shall be governed by the school leave rules, as amended from time to time Absence for a continuous period ofTen days without sanction of leave would make lose your right on the job and the same shall automatically come to an end without prior notice. The management shall draw on presumption as if you have resigned from your job by remaining absent for such a long period.


As regards your duties and responsibilities, you will be required to follow the standing order as amended from time to time.


You will strictly work only for this institution and will not take up any part time jobs anywhere, either during the school hour or after. Failing which, you will be held guilty of misconduct and breach of trust, resulting in dismissal from service without giving any notice.


English will be the compulsory language for teaching and only allowed for any kind of communication in the school premises and other area related with school.


You should not be engaged as a member or leader of any group/union or fraction of employee of the school.


You should behave in or outside the school as a role model for the pupils and other staff member of the school.


You will supervise students in and out of classroom activities during the school day.


The address given by you at the time of appointment or such other change of address with you will here after, be intimated to the management and will be deemed to have been received by you. In case of any change of address, you will be inform the management in writing one week of such change and get the new address recorded in your personal file.


Grant of leave shall depend on the exigencies of work of the institution and shall be at the discretion of the management. Before proceeding on leave, you will have to apply for it. Similarly for extension of leave, an application shall be forwarded so as to reach the management before the expiry of the leave initially granted. Leave will be got sanctioned before it is avail of.


You will be required to come to school on any holiday, if necessary, to attend extra ordinary meetings or any other activity connected with the school, which cannot be easily postponed. Wherever your service are required to conduct any extracurricular activities after the teaching hours, you will do so willingly and as a part of your service.


No other allowances except this basic salary is admissible in this pay scale. Your salary change will be based on the terms and conditions of the management, which will be based on your performance of the past year of service in terms of efficiency, result, punctuality and maintenance of discipline and the same will be with held if the performance is unsatisfactory.


In case of any dispute, Managing Director/ Principal/ Management of St. Joseph Public school, Pattanakad, will be the sole judge and his/her decision will be final and binding on you.