Introduction About School

St Joseph Public School Pattanakad

Reverend Father Varghese Chathaparambil, the pioneer sowed the tiny seed of St. Joseph Public School in the year 1967, on the sandy hills of a small village, with a lofty aim. Under the powerful protection, care & concern of our founder, the seed was watered and nurtured to a full fledged tree with buds, flowers, fruits, birds and nests.

The strong loving hands & hearts of a team of eminent prayerful Sisters, Fathers and Teachers which had a start at the time of establishment with graceful sister Florence at its apex position as the first Headmistress of the school, continues to this day under F.C. congregation with no stir and with full devotion to the rooted ethics as well as noble aim of our establisher. We are very happy to say that all our students have been in fore front, spreading its wing far and wide vibrating the vision of St. Joseph Public School through out the world.

Words are inadequate to express the greatness of all those brand ambassadors who had worked hard and is working for goodness to be sowed and peace to be harvested through the coming generation.

Founder Rev. Fr. Varghese Chathaparambil
Managing Director Rev. Sr. Anita Jose F.C.C.
Principal Sr. Jeena John F.C.C.
Vice Principal Sr. Vinaya F.C.C.
Headmistress (KG Section): Sr. Joice Flower

Christ is the Light of the world. True education enlightens the minds to follow this light and aspire for greater perfection. “Lead kindly Light” is the Motto of the School, that leads us on from darkness to light, from falsehood to truth and from mortality to immortality.

St Joseph Public School Pattanakad