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St. Joseph Public School, Pattanakad

Est 1967

Reverend Father Varghese Chathaparambil, the pioneer sowed the tiny seed of St. Joseph Public School in the year 1967, on the sandy hills of a small village, with a lofty aim. Under the powerful protection, care & concern of our founder, the seed was watered and nurtured to a full fledged tree with buds, flowers, fruits, birds and nests.
The strong loving hands & hearts of a team of eminent prayerful Sisters, Fathers and Teachers which had a start at the time of establishment with graceful sister Florence at its apex position as the first Headmistress of the school, continues to this day under F.C. congregation with no stir and with full devotion to the rooted ethics as well as noble aim of our establisher. We are very happy to say that all our students have been in fore front, spreading its wing far and wide vibrating the vision of St. Joseph Public School through out the world.

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" Truth is the highest form of reality. So to know the truth is equal to know the reality the real nature of things, of humans of the universe and of the absolute. The ultimate zenith of human life is nothing but the realization of truth. Now the question is how to find the truth ? Yes , one needs to search for it ie, we need to become the seekers. Take the time and trouble to discover it. The seekers of truth has got the image of traveller. Being a student means to be traveller whose dreams of skylines and put his/her heart soul into it or to be a seeker who commits day and night unfailing to search after the truth, that makes them free on life journey. Hence to be in an academic world is to enter into a ceaseless quest for knowledge and freedom ........ WISH YOU ALL THE BEST ........ GOD BLESS YOU ALL ................... WISH YOU ALL THE BEST ........ GOD BLESS YOU ALL ........... "

St Joseph Public School Pattanakad
St Joseph Public School Pattanakad

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" Schooling is a period of Joy , Healthy relationship with each other , nurturing various talents , sharing ,caring and love. A Student begins his or her first contact with the world independently through schooling . Our school , St. Joseph Public School is a well established institution in Alappuzha district . The light radiating from our guiding star , Rev. Fr. Varghese Chathaparambil , penetrate our hearts and fill it with hope and courage to look after the future with confidence. .Under our Principal's leadership,and as a team working together we strongly promote academic achievement among our students . The cultural ,Sporting and other success of our students and staff are also proudly celebrated together.With a long and rewarding history of achievement in education behind us our school community continues to move forward together with confidence ,pride and enthusiasm . Thanks be to god who gives us the victory through our Lord Jesus Christ . May the God Lord bless us all for ever. "

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